Rockin' in Jacquard

Hey lovely people!

I styled my current favorite jacquard platform heel sandal from Nine West and wanted to share with you the three different ways I rocked them! Note: If not familiar with the term jacquard, it is simply a design that is incorporated into the weave of a fabric instead of printing or dying it. Jacquard designs are intricate with design repeats usually but not limited to that of paisley or floral. I always say it reminds me of the Elizabethan Era where brocades and damask were displayed amongst the nobility's daily wardrobe. Here are some examples of jacquard designs:


Straying away from the conventional paisley and floral design, the jacquard fabric on these heels displays really lovely gold feathers. 


Outfit 1

Top: ZARA Bottom: Levi's

How simple do I think this can get? As simple as the sun's light seeping through my  window every morning and directly or indirectly kissing my skin, introducing me to another day. The use of black seems to always be an easy task for me (says everyone else in the world) and to add a little sass I'd only need a splash of color. Cheers to another all black outfit with a touch of gold. 


Outfit 2

Top: ZARA Bottom: Thrifted Bongo Jeans

IDK about you but loose-fitted denim jeans + heels is a favorite of mine. & what I had in mind for this outfit was street meets office. The shirt and the heels are office elements, and the high-waisted denim gives it a street casual kind of touch. Is this a thing? It is now! 


Outfit 3

Top: ZARA Bottom: Anthropologie

This last outfit was probably the most comfortable for me. I've had this black tube top for a while now. One thing about me is that I really enjoy wearing strapless tops or dresses. I think revealing the shoulder is sexy without being excessive. & to finish it off I chose these red bottoms to help accentuate the gold on the heels.


Which outfit is your favorite?