Pre-Spring Feels

It is finally up! Yes, these contents have been cookin' in my photo album for about a month now. Excited for you guys to watch the video and see the photos.

Let's talk Pre-Spring! This ensemble was easy and effortless. Great for the cloudy California days when the clouds make its dramatic appearances right before Spring! 

This solid army green cargo vest definitely provides a spring feel. Very light weight in the fabric and easy to pair with a lot of things from florals, to geometric prints, and solid colors.

  In this instance I didn't want to go for a full on spring feel just yet so I stayed away from florals and bright colors. It was a cloudy and breezy day by the beach, so I paired it with a two layered black dress. The inner layer fell as short as the reach of my fingertips with a low V-neckline in the front (right below) and a very low U-neckline in the back (watch video). The sheer outer layer of the dress fell as low as my ankles with a slit on the left and right side. The slits on the dress matched perfectly with the slits on the vest. So as the gust of wind hits me off sometimes (Pharrell reference) the garment doesn't feel heavy and baggy. 


Let's now talk booties! They're my favorite!! In love with these pair of shoes that I got from Zara a year and a half ago!  Black booties are a must have! These particular ones are embellished with buckles that are detachable so I have a choice of wearing them plain and solid. 

Fun Fact:

The beautiful and gorgeous model Gigi Hadid owns a pair. 

Lastly, I grabbed this authentic leather bag pack that was created by the talented Natalie Hemmens. Click the photo right above if you want to see more of her leather goods!