A Beauty In Disguise

When you see potential in something it starts becoming beautiful or rather brilliant. You start seeing the possibilities of its worth and the value it portrays. That is what happened in this instance. 


We received a new pair of sneakers at work and everyone thought they were awful including me. "How can they?" "What are thoooose?!!" were the kind of reactions everyone had. Everyone meaning my not so pleased co-workers. Saying how much it reminds them of nursing shoes or orthopedic shoes. Well, I agree they do, and let me say they are not as comfy as orthopedic shoes, not that I've ever worn a pair, I'm just assuming. Although maybe I should because after wearing these babies my feet and my whole body aches!!


As I put them on for the first time  I started envisioning their potential. I said maybe they can look good outside of the whole ensemble(uniform). So it gave me an idea, blog entry! And here I am am! Running my mouth about these wanna be orthopedic shoes. lol

Anyways, back to the fun stuff. I told @YvetteCorinne what if we style these pair of "Orthos" (the name I decided to give it just now) outside of the uniform and blog about it? Of course she was as excited as I was. So we started planning and helping each other put something together.

What did Drake say?? "When I see potential I just gotta see it through"

We did see it through! Yes Drake you know how it gets. These outfits(referencing to the video) are very easy to put together. We decided to stay away from skinny jeans or any pants for that matter  because we felt like it would've been the usual go-to for any sneakers. So we tried to think outside of the box. Not too far out, because these are very basic outfits that anyone can throw together. We chose to do high-waist, midi, pencil skirt, (which ever you prefer to call it) + a cropped top! What can go wrong? Nothing at all!


With my outfit I added a gray crew neck pullover cropped top to wrap asymmetrically around my waist for a little playful embellishment! 

When you see potential in anything take advantage of it! You see potential, you see possibilities, and options. Why? Because your mind is thinking creatively. Beyond. Outside the box. Whether it's about love, your career, choice of meal, etc. Just see it through!