Unfamiliar Territory

OOTD / Hiking Joshua Tree

Location: Palm Springs Weekend continued...

Joshua Tree National Park-- Skull Rock and Keys View

Mesh Dress: Zara (Trf)

Sports Bra: Zara (Sports Collection)

Grey Shorts: American Apparel

Black Shorts: Nike


Arriving at Joshua Tree for the first time ever!


First stop, Skull Rock! 

Sorry guys I didn't actually get a photo with the skull rock because I got too excited about climbing the rock formations after these photos were taken!


Keys View was the final stop at Joshua Tree National Park! (refer to the video) 

On a side note, I was so excited to wear this net dress! You're probably wondering how I managed to hike with it on, well, it is possible! I do have a little tip, just don't get too close to any bushes or branch or else you'll find yourself struggling to get out. But other than that you will be fine. This net dress is very versatile because you get to layer and let me tell ya, layering becomes your best friend! What I did was just put it over my workout clothes and voila sporty chic! lol I know I know it is simple and basic, but that was what I was going for! It would even look good with leggings and a t-shirt paired with your favorite sneakers. It is a very fun statement piece that is why I am showing you guys another outfit that I put together with this net dress. But that will be on the next blog post so keep in touch!