Last Minute Halloween Costumes 2017

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

from Our Closet

Hello everyone!! It has been a very long week and Yvette and I have finally posted our first ever youtube video as One Plus One. Check it out here or on our youtube channel. Below are photos we took in between takes so you guys can get a good look at what we had on!


70's Groove

We chose the  70's because this era has been making a comeback for the past year or so and we believed that it is an easy costume to put together. In the video we listed items that will fulfill a 70's look! 

Scream Queens

This costume was so much fun, we wanted one of the theme to be a show or a movie but we felt like all the girly obvious movies we could think of such as Clueless and Mean Girls have been done countless times. So we kept brainstorming, and we decided to create our version of a Scream Queens look! Which I thought was brilliant because off the top I knew she and I had fur coats. Which by the way if you didn't already notice a fur coat is an item crucial to fulfill what I think definitely screams out "Scream Queens"! We asked permission to shoot this outfit on a random neighbor's front lawn and we loved how it all worked out! I hope you guys liked our rendition of a Scream Queens attire! List of materials will be on the video.


Personal Pick

Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd & Modern day housewife

With this last look, we both chose our own character. My goal was to use my prom dress, and at first I was going to be a queen. But I felt like I didn't have enough statement jewelries to play that character. Then I just kept thinking of characters who would work with my prom dress. Somehow I thought of Mrs. Lovett. I did my research on her character to see what I will need to complete the look. Later I figured all I needed was to do the hair and makeup correctly, put on the dress and thats it. I had done a trial run of  the makeup because I wanted to make sure I could do it and surprisingly it was very easy. The day we shot was the first time I did the hairstyle and it turned out perfectly messy! Overall we had a blast putting all this together! I hope you guys enjoy or have enjoyed the video we put together!