Judyth Floresca

It's Summer Somewhere

Judyth Floresca
It's Summer Somewhere

Hello beautiful people! I know it is December and this Cali weather has been a bit fresh lately but I wanted to share this outfit with you guys before the year ends! Don't forget that it is summer somewhere else so for those of you who are traveling to places, such as Australia or Brazil, here's a little OOTD for you my loves!


Top: Brandy Melville in Nordstroms


What is great about this top is the V-neckline in the front and back allowing me to layer with other items. In this case I used a bralette. Exposing the bralette gives it a simple sexy feminine look.


Bralette: Nordstroms


Wide Leg Pants: Thrifted


I thrifted these cotton high-waisted wide legged bottoms for $7! You can't beat that!

If you are a thrift shopper you know that it can be a gold mine for cool brand new unique pieces that at one point someone neglected its potential. But if you don't thrift shop, give it a try! Not everything you find has been used so you may find some really cool vintage pieces!