Derby or Oxford?

Hey beautiful people!

Originally I had discussed that my shoes were a women's version of the traditionally known Oxford, but in my recent finding, it is actually a Derby! The reason for this is the lace system.  What do you think my shoes are? Open or Closed lacing? It is open lacing! Silly me! 


Video at the end of this blog featuring my wife @yvettecorrine 


Quick Fact:

Derby's are also called Blucher, the terms are used interchangably without getting too technical. But there is a slight difference in the two if you'd like to know refer to this video at 2'30".

These babies are so easy to play with. Beige is a subtle neutral color, so you can definitely make it fun contrasting it with colorful socks or maybe ruffled socks for those who want to be adventurous with their palette. 

Here I paired them with Tommy Hilfiger socks that perfectly matched my "Bonjour" red shoulder bag. Matching small details such as earrings to belt, top to shoelaces, and as an example here, bag to socks, can definitely finish off a look.

Don't forget to watch the video^