Air Yoga

The summer body starts here! Visited @airfitnow studio on 3rd street today  to continue my journey to having "nice abs".  I love to eat fried food, I love desserts, I love meat, I love food! I do really well watching what I eat, but sometimes I don't want to. So I aim to stay active, and try to exercise whenever I can.

Today's air yoga went well. It required a lot more upper body strength than I thought. These photos shows one pose that I have mastered. Well, so I felt like I've mastered. It's really not a hard pose. What I struggled with the most was the air headstand. I could not flip to save my life. Maybe it has something to do with the lack of upper body strength I have. But the main reason why I wanted to do yoga today was because I had planned on treating myself to some @RidgesChurroBar (they're, follow their IG and food truck). Overall, air yoga was fun. The silk fabric was a little discomforting at times but if you steer your mind away from that uneasy feeling and focus on getting the right posture and breathing then you'll be fine.