Judyth Floresca

About Last Month

Judyth Floresca
About Last Month

Well here I am, again, typing this blog because I accidentally deleted it in a parallel world somewhere. 

Meanwhile, as I get over my frustration of just being a clumsy tech savvy...

About last month...  I went to the Formation Tour! Such an amazing time. It was my first time seeing Beyonce live, and she is truly a boss! Here are some photos of the outfit I wore for Bee day.

The following day I attended Shameless Maya's birthday and YouTube anniversary! It was such a good time. She held a panel and everyone got to spend a little more time engaging and getting to know some of her life experiences. It was a room full of inspiring and inspired individuals. Right below is the outfit I wore for this event.

Seeing Beyonce's formation tour and going to Maya's birthday celebration just gave me a feeling of accomplishment. Surrounding myself with the right atmosphere that engaged in love, art, music, passion, drive, and dedication feels liberating. I want to keep reminding myself to stay active in the things that excite me the most, that I love doing.